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Chemical industry: limited power push up soda ash yellow phosphorus calcium carbide price


Agrochemical: Baltic urea fell by 0.70% to US$283/ton this week. Domestic urea production, wholesale and retail prices dropped by 2.37%, 1.71%, 1.10% to 1,650, RMB 1,720,1800/ton, and Shanxi urea enterprises were discontinued in February. May exceed market expectations; US Gulf DAP stabilized at US$504/ton, Baltic MAP fell 1.54% to US$510/ton. Guizhou Hongfu DAP is stable at 2,800 yuan/ton, Sichuan Jinhe MAP is stable at 2,150 yuan/ton; Salt Lake potash ex-factory price is stable at 2,450 yuan/ton. Potash fertilizer in the Yangtze River Delta is stable at 2,500 yuan/ton.
Soda chlor-alkali: Domestic light heavy soda ash rose 1.95%, 1.85% to 1253,1324 yuan/ton. Raw salt rose 1.62% to 251 yuan/ton. This week, the Yangtze River Delta calcium carbide method PVC rose 1.37% to 7,400 yuan / ton, ethylene method PVC rose 1.33% to 7,600 yuan / ton.
Pesticides: Glyphosate in the Yangtze River Delta is stable at 21,000 yuan/ton, and pure pyridine is stable at 31917 yuan/ton.
Phosphorus Chemicals: Yellow phosphorus in Yunnan, Guizhou, Hubei, etc. rose to over 14,500 yuan/ton. In the phosphorus chemical industrial chain, sodium tripolyphosphate rose by 2.80% to RMB 4,780/ton, phosphoric acid stabilized at RMB 4,300/ton, and domestic phosphate rock stabilized at RMB 425/ton.
Polyurethane: The Yangtze River Delta MDI rose 2.60% to 15,800 yuan/ton, aniline rose 0.88% to 1,1,500 yuan/ton, and MDI/aniline spread rose 4.95%. The Yangtze River Delta TDI rose 0.43% to 23,500 yuan/ton, the ** fell 0.47% to 6,370 yuan/ton, and the TDI/** spread rose 0.68%. The Yangtze River Delta DMF rose 0.93% to 5,400 yuan/ton, methanol rose 1.65% to 2,470 yuan/ton, and the DMF methanol price difference rose 0.34%. BDO was supported by poor start-up and stabilized at 17,700 yuan/ton.
Organic silicon fluoride: DMC rose 3.81% to 21800 yuan/ton. Hydrofluoric acid stabilized at 4,400 yuan/ton.
Chemical fiber: PTA rose 0.68% to RMB7,400/ton, ethylene glycol rose 1.09% to RMB6,500/ton, polyester filament remained stable at RMB12,300/ton, and polyester staple fiber rose 0.73% to RMB9,670/ton. Domestic caprolactam rose 1.64% to 21,750 yuan/ton, and nylon rose 1.04% to 29,200 yuan/ton.
In the Yangtze River Delta, acrylonitrile dropped 0.56% to 17,750 yuan/ton, and acrylic staple fiber stabilized at 20,700 yuan/ton.
Viscose staple fiber rose 1.69% to 18,000 yuan/ton, and viscose filament yarn remained stable at 35,300 yuan/ton.

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